• Nave Pirata - Watercolour 14_05_014

    Image Size 56cm H X 76 cm W $4,000

  • Iris Eyes are Smiling - Watercolour 16_08_017

    Image Size 56cm H X 76 cm W $2,500

  • Lake Louise, Canada - Watercolour 19_05_006

    Image Size 36cm H X 50 cm W $985

"My inspiration is found in nature’s glory. From the simplest flower to the grandest landscape to the wonders beneath the ocean, I have always been in awe of the natural beauty surrounding me. To capture this beauty in art form is truly a challenge. It leads me to endless experimentation with colour and texture, to reflect the light, colour, depth, mood and atmosphere I see in the world around me." Jutta Chalk

Latest Works

The Jutta Collection

Down in the Blues ~ Watercolour 18_04 _007

70cmH x 49cmW (Image size) $585

The Jutta Collection

Irises in Vibrant Bloom ~ Watercolour 19_03 _005

51cmH x 36cmW (Image size) $1000

The Jutta Collection

Mountain Devil ~ Watercolour 19_06 _010

36cmH x 51cmW (Image size) $1250

The Jutta Collection

Nature's Gift at Risk ~ Watercolour 19_06_008

77cmH x 57cmW (Image size) $4375

The Jutta Collection

Dahlia Delight ~ Watercolour 19_06_007

35cmH x 51cmW (Image Size) $1250

The Jutta Collection

Porto Venere Seafaring Village ~ Watercolour

51cmW x 36cmH (Image size) 19_07_011 $2000


NSW Region in 2015

JUTTA CHALK won First Prize for her watercolour 'White Irises in Springtime' at the Iris Society of Australia ~ NSW Region in 2015, also Second Prize for Photography of 'Amongst Blue Irises' and all so Third Prize for Photography of 'White Irises by the Lake'.

Annual Exhibition 2016

'White Irises in Springtime' sold at the AWi 92nd Annual Exhibition 2016 at the Gosford regional Gallery.

Annual Exhibition 2016

JUTTA also won Third Prize at the Bowral Art Gallery ~ 'John Copes Watercolour Prize 2015 for 'Cinquante Poisson Clowns' and was presented the KAS Member Award in Watercolour for 'Iris Eyes are Smiling' at the Kiama Art Society 38th Annual Exhibition 2016.

Watercolour Prize 2016

Jutta was also selected as a Finalist ar? the Wollongong Regional Gallery for the 'Contemporary Watercolour Prize' and also the 'James Kiwi Watercolour Prize' in 2016.

June 2015

JUTTA CHALK has been published in the AUSTRALIAN ARTIST magazine, June 2015, Issue 372, Art Prize Challenge No.60.


Still Life & Florals with 'White Waratah' watercolour 26cmH x 19cmW.

Watercolour Classes TERM 1 - BOOK IN NOW!


Tuesday Night start on 4th February, 2020 to 7th April 2020 at 6:30 pm to 9.00pm


Tuesday 10 week term $275 for term.

MUST be paid at beginning of first lesson. (tea break included)


Jutta Chalk:

20 Darling Mills Road, Albion Park 2527

02 42571 775